Individual Day Supports

 Day Program

Day Habilitation
Individualized Day Supports is a program without walls that places the individual directly in the community for day services. This highly individualized program is designed to help individuals maximize their social interactions and performance with daily activities in the community. 
Employment Readiness

Day Habilitation is designed to help individuals improve their social skills while participating in various community activities. 

Supported Employment is designed to promote job acquisition and longevity. Individuals have the option to seek employment in the workforce or pursue entrepreneurship endeavors such as making products or finding employment of their choice. 

Employment Readiness is designed to allow individuals to gain skills and competencies in order to build on their dream careers.

Supported Employment
Supported  Living
Supported  Living Periodic




Supported Living is a value driven program promoting choice and community inclusion, believing that everyone has the right to live in a home of their choosing, regardless of the severity of their disability. Our goal is to support individuals selecting our
services to lead independent fulfilling lives in the neighborhoods and communities where they reside.  
Supported Living Periodic is designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to be integrated into their residential community with periodic staff. Individuals have the option to function independently and schedule staff to help them with specific tasks, days, and times.