Vested Optimum Community Services (VOCS) opened its first residential facility on March 17, 2006 in the Deanwood area of Washington DC.  Many of the individuals in the home presented severe medical needs causing a barrier to conventional day programming; therefore, much of the Day Services supports were provided within the individual’s home setting. Supports are offered which incorporate each individual’s ability to choose daily activities to the best of their ability. Some of the activities include: visiting with friends and family in the community, attending various volunteer sites, going on a variety of unique community activities, and preparing for jobs. VOCS recognizes that individuals drive their own supports to ensure that outcomes are not only real but attainable.  

In 2009, after an exemplary BASA review, the executive team decided it was time to expand services to include not only Supported Living & Day Habilitation but also Employment Readiness Vocation and Supported Employment services.  In May 2013, after a stellar PCR review, receiving 100% on satisfaction, VOCS decided to move forward leasing space to make their supported employment program a reality.

The motto for our program is simple: Real Skills, Real Possibilities, Real Jobs, Real Outcomes, & Real Futures.  Success in VOCS can be best demonstrated when the people they support are given real tools and resources to not only be independent & realize their dreams, but also when they can plan for a real future including enjoying quality health insurance, seeing any clinician or specialty regardless of location, understand the meaning of 401K and how that will play into retirement, as well as many other company benefits such as leave, socials, and promotions. Vested Optimum will be the program to set the standard on real future planning for persons with disabilities. 

​Vested Optimum Community Services currently offers individuals the following services:
-Supported Living
-Supported Living Periodic
-Individual Day Supports
-Day Habilitation
-Day Habilitation 1:1
-Supported Employment Job Placement
-Supported Employment Job Training and Support
​ -Prevocational Habilitation

 Our History