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 Individual Day Supports

Individualized Day Supports is a program without walls that places the individual directly in the community for day services. This highly individualized program is designed to help individuals maximize their social interactions and performance with daily activities in the community. 
 All activities in the community will be person-centered, based on the needs and preferences of each individual served. VOCS believes that individuals with disabilities in the day program should be able to find their niche and/or plan for a future while preparing for their dream career or life goal.
The primary focus of Vested Optimum’s Community Activity Planner is to research and identify community activities for the individuals to participate in that match their choices, interests, desires, and preferences. In addition to focusing on their individualized preferences, community activities are also matched with their skill set and abilities. Activity matches incorporate the individual’s needs and resources needed (i.e. medical supports, ambulatory issues, and environmental barriers within the community. 
Vested Optimum Community Services has canvassed the community to create a Community Resource Guide database with new community activities and opportunities for Individualized Day Supports. Individuals will have a weekly self-advocacy meeting with their staff to discuss their rights, express their goals and progress, and add variety to their schedule of community activities with new or existing partners in the community. 

Community Activity Planner

Community             Resource

   Guide                 Database

The Community Resource Guide database will include volunteer sites, community centers, cultural sites, recreation centers, informal classes, formal education, membership organizations, job fairs, workshops, theatres, museums, local entertainment, and learning opportunities in the community. The Guide will be used in conjunction with the “My Niche Survey” to match each individualized activity schedule with the individual’s preferences, hopes, and dreams. The Community Resource Guide database will be updated regularly by the Community Activity Planner to reflect changes in business openings/closings in the community and  as individuals present new interests. At Vested Optimum, you will only go as far as your dreams take you!

 Please contact

Mrs. Lauren Lee, Day Program Director

for more information about this service