Vested Optimum Community Services believes that each person should:
-Live in their most-integrated setting
-Have the highest quality provision of services -Have life and daily living goals centered around
each individual’s choices -Find his/her niche, plan for the future, and make
​ meaningful contributions -Have the freedom of choice for provider and type
of service provisions -Have exposure to a variety of unique community
​ activities

 About Us

The vision of the agency is Real Skills, Real Possibilities, Real Jobs, Real Outcomes, & Real Futures. Vested Optimum Community Services envisions building better communities and support systems for the individuals to be valued. VOCS ensures that the people we support are given real tools and resources to be independent and recognize their dreams. VOCS believes that individuals with disabilities in the day program should be able to find their niche and/or plan for a future while preparing for their dream career; understanding the meaning of a 401K and retirement; as well as many other work benefits such as leave, socials, and promotions.
To empower individuals, families, and communities to improve their quality of life skills by providing them with the tools, resources, services, and supports that will enable them to be most independent in all walks of life.